About me

Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Fiona and I'm 39 years old. I got married in 2012 to my wonderful husband and we started our baby journey 3 months later. 

I started a little later in life, but I always wanted to enjoy motherhood with a fabulous partner by my side. However, given it took me a while to find him, the clock is ticking and the time is quickly draining through the hour glass!

I was surprised that I feel pregnant on my 3rd cycle after coming off the pill. We were so excited but so devastated when I miscarried the baby at 7 weeks.

I was lucky enough to fall pregnant again with twins. I lost one at 7 weeks but finally managed to bring a healthy baby girl into the world in January 2014.

So, this blog is about my baby journey, my miscarriage survival, and learning to be a mother. There will no doubt be laughs and tears along the way but I'm looking forward to sharing the journey with you!

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